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guitello bach cello suites cd 

Read what people are saying about Jeffrey McFarland-Johnson's Guitello Bach Cello Suites 1,2,3 CD...


I just want to thank you again for the excellent program of music. The Bach Cello was sublime, the other music expansive in various directions. Most of the audience was incredibly engaged. Your relaxed manner, yet your ability to be right “in” the music when you are playing was great to see and to experience myself.

- Joseph Cochrane, Napa Co. Library


The Guitello sound is wonderful, and you play them beautifully.  Hope to hear you play in person one day.  Again, many thanks.

-Mundell Lowe, San Diego


Your CD is absolutely stunning both musically and sonically.
Track 5, the Menuet 1 and 2, is a piece of anthology.

I just bought your CD yesterday and I think it's awesome. The Guitello is perfect for this music. I like it better than the cello. The recording is top notch. You really hit a home run with this one. I don't know what it is about these Cello Suites but, it's some of the most perfect music I know of.
- Michael Belair

An awesome CD that's been in constant rotation since I got it!!! Looks great, sounds great, fantastic job. . . I am LOVING IT!
- Eric W.

My new "go to" CD! When I drive in my car, the Guitello Bach Suites are the calming background music for short or long road trips. Jeffrey Johnson plays with amazing deftness.
- T.W.

I took your CD back to San Francisco and we played it for happy hour. It's wonderful and please know that I will enjoy it for a long time to come.
- Joy


You should be right in there with the heavy of the heavies!  I've been listening to the CD all weekend, and the Guitello really makes the music come alive.  There's still the nice bottom end but it's not as sonorous and heavy as a cello.  The flat pick and natural sustain of the strings gives the pieces more space between notes and makes the upper register passages more lively.  I'm pretty sure Bach would have approved of the use of the Guitello; maybe even composed for it.  Good stuff, Jeffrey!

- Chub


. . . . . Epic !!!

- J


Thank you so very much for your wonderful CD.  The music IS definitely Healing and reflective.  When it was played in the SLE (Sober Living Environment) the past first time, all the chaos came to a complete stop, and people sat down and just pleasantly spent time with each other.  This need to over-talk or run around with yet another caffeinated drink in their hand came to a complete stop.  The next few days, I watched the same thing happen - just a sofening of mood all throughout the place.

- Linda L.


The Six Suites for Unaccompanied Cello by Johann Sebastian Bach have been transcribed over the years for numerous instruments; from mandolin to marimba.  Listening to Master musician Jeffrey Johnson playing these folk tunes on a truly unique instrument, designed specifically for these works, may be as close as an audience will come to hearing them as they were originally played in the taverns and countryside of early 18th century France.  If you have the opportunity to hear a live performance, do not miss it!

- Ron D.


An amazing piece of music architecture, pleasing to both the body and the soul.

- Don M. Curry


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