GUITELLO: Bach Cello Suites 1,2,3

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Get the Guitello Bach Cello Suites 1,2,3 performed by Jeffrey McFarland-Johnson on CD!

DESCRIPTION: A 5-stringed fretted, guitar-like musical instrument tuned in 5ths as a violoncello specifically designed to play the six J.S. Bach solo cello suites.

 January 3-4, 2013 in the Foster Family Theater, Gallo Center
for the Arts, Modesto, California. Engineer: Donald Setaro


System: Mac Pro, UA LA-610s, Grace m101, UA apollo, Pro Tools v.10
Microphones: Neumann KM184, Royer R-121, Sony C37A, Rode K2
Strings: Elixer NanoWeb
Picks: Dawg & Dunlop felt
Water: Pellegrino